How long should I wait before doing another cleanse?

Power CleanseHello Gregory Joujon-Roche,

I recently finished the 5-Day Smoothie Cleanse last week with excellent results.  I feel great, my skin looks healthier, and I lost 5 lbs (and have even lost more weight after the cleanse)!  I am so happy I stumbled upon your website and have started using your products.  Thank you!

I noticed you have a really good deal on the new HolistiCleanse.¬† Since I just finished the cleanse, I am guessing that I should at least wait a month to do another cleanse?¬† I am new to cleansing so I am not sure about¬†when I should do¬†another cleanse.¬†If I ordered the product now, and stored it in the pantry for a month, would it be okay (wouldn’t lose its potency)?

Also, would I need a juicer to perform this cleanse?  I noticed juice in the description.  I have been thinking about buying a juicer anyhow, but just want to make sure.

Thank you for your time and all of your help.  I really appreciate it!


Hi Heather,

Such good news and so happy you enjoyed the smoothie cleanse!

The new All-in-One HolistiCleanse is a different cleanse from the 5-Day Smoothie Cleanse. It’s a little more strict and is a deeper cleanse. It’s still totally doable but just the next level, so to speak. Waiting a month is fine, or you can go right into this one .

If you decide to order the HolistiCleanse now and wait a few months, the shelf life will be fine. BUT I am going to keep this special going for awhile, so no worries there.

Juice is a part of the cleanse for sure. You can choose to make your own juice, or depending on where you live, you can probably get high quality juice from a local market. These days it’s everywhere! Cold press juices are great as well.

If you want to purchase a juicer, just know that there are the spinning juicers that everyone sells, and there are the chewing juicers. Look up “Sampson” ¬†juicers. These are pretty great and not too expensive. The juicing process takes a bit longer, but you will retain a lot more of the enzymes when using chewing juice rather than a spinning juicer due to the heat of spinning.

Please contact me anytime, especially if you do this next cleanse. I recommend the 7-Day All-in-One HolistiCleanse.

Take care.

All the best in health,
Holistic Fitness, Inc.

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